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A family company from the French Ardennes, L'Etoile is specialized in the making of accesories for
handling and lifting as well as screwing and bolting articles.
A stainless steel range of products ideally completes its offer of classic black or zinc dichromate. steel

120 years of know-how, service and quality

In 1892 the SAMSON company specialized in cartwrighting was created in Vivier-Au-Court , in the french Ardennes (08)
In 1924 manufacturers from Aubervilliers (93) merged with the Samson company to give birth to L'Etoile After the merging a new orientation was given, with the progressive withdrawal from agriculture related  products to the benefit of the stamping of lifting accessories : lifting rings and nuts, hooks, shackles, tensioners, male and female bearing cases, and the manufacturing of raw parts : threading, tapping, straight tuning... After WWII a new orientation is given to the company: trapezoid  turn threaded rods, with the corresponding nuts, various-shaped anchoring bolts, threaded bows,stamping and manufacturing of stainless steel parts...

Our company is a reference in the trade, our research service was part of the elaboration of the AFNOR standart for lifting hooks, and we have been ISO 9001 ctrified since 1994 . Many research departtments have integrated us on their reference lists, and you can download our 3D products from the TRACEPARTS site.

There are over 7500 references in our general catalogue, aimed at satisfying all your needs in the fields of lifting , handling, maintenance and setting of industrial buildings.
We provide goods to various sectors such as the nuclear industry (AREVA),transport (SNCF, RATP), shipyards,the building trade, farming machinery, boilermaking, steel structuring,lifting, general mechanics, tooling manufacturing.

Our priority is customer service, that's why we reply to estimate requests within 48 hours to 72 hours (except in case of specific request), and we send all the orders of products from our catalogue before 3pm the same day for reception to your workshops before 1pm the next day ( for deliveries under 30kg, 48 to 72 hours for more important deliveries) owing to our important stock.
As a manufacturer we have very short wait periods, we can satisfy your nedds even for very small quantities, don't hesitate to get in touch with our commercial service.

One of our sites is located in Pantin (93), in the Paris conurbation, where the majority of our products are stocked.

L'ETOILE S.A. , from standart to customized
Choice and availability, from standart to customized, L'Etoile guarantees  complete service.

Specialized in the manufacturing of , lifting , handling , bolting and hooking products.

For all types on industrial activities, research departments and so on...

Free 3D part models to download . With our 7500 reference catalogue (300 serials) L'Etoile S.A. Is one of the French leading traders and manufacturers of lifting and handling parts, as well as bolts and nuts : lifting rings, wire-strainers, tensioners , shackles, slings,           , various turn threaded rods ( trapezoid, iso...), wheels, jacks... made from various materials : steel , stainless steel , cast iron, bronze , bakelite... used by a wide range of customers  ( 8000  in France and worldwide ) from  the nuclear industry to farming machinery, including transport ( RATP), shipyards, the building trade, steel structuring and boilermaking.

From standart parts ( delivered on D+1) to customized product

L'Etoile really provides compelete service : ISO 9001 certified , the company procuces on its Vivier-au-Court site not only standart parts but cutomized ones too, according to customer's request.We have a stock of catalogue-referenced parts so as to be able to send them to customers on
order day. An 8 to 10 days wait is necessary for customized parts. Owing to variety and permanent availabilty of parts , L'Etoile , in the trade for over a century, can respond to any request , whatever quantity and specificity, by warrantying the availabilty and reliability of its parts.


most stamped parts included in our catalogue are inner production as we have the tools to stamp parts weighing up to 2 kgs.
Deburring, scissoring and stamping are also inner activities. We have the ability to produce small series (400/500) with very short wait periods




L'ETOILE S.A : tags

Website : http://www.letoile-sa.fr/portail/catalogue.html

Square washers
Letters and figures stamps
Stable rings
Drawbar eyes
Hoisting rings
Rings bolts with small eye
Rings bolts and ring nuts
Double swivel ring
Pear shaped links
Oval links
Flat rings with oval eye
Round links
Triangular links
Heavy duty ratchet
 Bonnet fasteners
 Threaded Fasteners
Bent fasteners
 Axles with flat head
 Ring nuts
Signaling cone
Cranck Batons
Ball knobs
Thermo hardening plastic balls
Anchoring bolts
Expansion bolts fish bolts
Bolts with hexagonal head & nut
Thermo hardening plastic buttons
"Kit" Buttons
Stubs to weld


Website : http://www.letoile-sa.fr/portail/catalogue.html


Emergency stop rope
Sloping washers
 Straight long ling welded chain
Lifting chain
 Double twisted chain
P.V.C Chain
Welding forks
Drawbar towing
Suspension forks
Eye bolts DIN 444
Drop forged shanks
Eye bolts
Male yokes
Manual Trolleys
Fountain spanners
Cast iron thimbles
Combination clips and thimbles
Hydraulic jacks
Suspension buckle hooks
Ramshorn hooks
Swivels with safety latch
Strap hooks
Double tenon cross bar hooks
Eye hooks
Hooks with oval eye
Hooks with across solded eye
Shank hooks
Eye hooks for chain
Barrel hooks
Pigtail hooks
Joker hook
Hooks for exclavators to solder
Half welded links
Two wheeled trolley
Open wedge sockets
Conical wedge sockets


Website : http://www.letoile-sa.fr/portail/catalogue.html


Hexagonal nuts with crenellations
Cross nuts
Nuts with two levers
Double tenon nuts (ISO)
Double tenon nuts (trapezoidal)
Eye nuts
Wing nuts
Hexagonal nuts (ISO)
Hexagonal nuts (  [ISO Class 12]  )
Round threaded hexagonal nuts
Hexagonal nuts
Hexagonal nuts on weld
Nuts with only one lever
Self-locking nuts
Accorn cap nuts stell
Square nuts
Cylindrical nuts metric
Cylindrical nuts
Coupler nuts
Cast iron nuts
Wine sling
Chain slings
Barrel lifting slings
Rod ends
Swivels with jaw
Swivels with large eye
Swivels with small eye
Adjusting systems
Fastening systems
Double tenon cross bar
S. Hook
Hand vices
Handle nuts
One threaded end forks
Threaded square bottom forks
Threaded forks (Full center arch)
Closures for trucks
Nuts lock


Website : http://www.letoile-sa.fr/portail/catalogue.html


Turnbuckles body only
Throw lever
Safety latch
Links to river
Quick links
Muffs with six sides
Indexable hand levers
Swivel handles
Winch cranks
Pulley blocks for ropes or wire
Manual Hoists
Pliers vices
Pegs profiles
Clamps for lifting and turning stell plates
Pliers grip
Construction stakes
Eyes with shank
Bolts with swivel eye
Bolts with large welded eye
Oval eye bolts
Round eye bolts
Flat bolts
Threaded bolts
Square washers
Command handles
Swivel threaded handles & machined handles
Swivel handles thermo hardening plastic
Handling handles
Clamping pumps
Round external doors
Polyamid wheels with hook
Snatch blocks
Press with quick clamping
Bascule press
Drop forged "C"
Polyamid wheels
Gas Springs
Turnbuckle 6 sides body brass
Rigging screw forged steel
Tilting rings
Flat metal washers
Sprocket wheels
Handling caster
Building site band red/white
Web slings
Board bevels
Wire rope clips
Pump system clamps
Builder clamps
Solutions for metal fasteners
Modular fastening systems


Website : http://www.letoile-sa.fr/portail/catalogue.html


Oil warning lights
Turnbuckles with eye bolts
Turnbuckles with extra long take up
Turnbuckles with flat piton
Turnbuckles with stub ends forwelding
Articuled tensers for chain
Turnbuckles with left jaw only
Standard ratchet type load binders
Metric threaded rods
Round threaded rods
Trapezoidal threaded rods
Metric threaded rods (  [Grade 8.8 & 12.9]  )
Tie beams
Lathe dags
Tower wiring
Hand lever Winch
Wood worker's clamps
Wing screws
Violin screws
Woodworker's screws
Ball-test screws
Veneer frame screws
Stool screws
Cast iron wheel & Aluminium wheel
Thermo hardening plastic wheels
Cast iron flat wheels
Stainless steel wire accessorys
Hoisting rings
Ring bolts (DIN 580) & Ring nuts (DIN 582)
Axles with flat head
Star grips
Stainless steel wire rope
Sloping washers
Stainless steel chain
Welding forks
Female yokes
Eye bolts (DIN 444)
Eye bolts
Safety valves
Cleaning balls
Nuts with two levers
Cross nuts
Eye nuts
Wing nuts
Coupler nuts
Hexagonal nuts
Wine Slings
Rod ends
Threaded forks
Tabwashers with two tabs
Ball locking bolts
Snap hooks
Oval quick links
Muffs with six sides
Straight shackles
Round external doors
Rigging screws
Wire rope clips
Round shank turnbuckles
Metric threaded rods
Trapezoidal threaded rods


Website : http://www.letoile-sa.fr/portail/catalogue.html